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XotiK and Kevin Bacon have always had an interest in progressive and uplifting trance. Though this genre and style is pretty complicated to learn. Anyways we will be uploading a bit less these days because We're trying to get better at the genre. So Kevin Bacon & XotiK will probably only upload 1 of every 4-5 songs we work on. The one that will soon be uploaded is entitled "The Pursuit of Dreams" anyways thanks for stopping by on our page.

~XotiK & Kevin Bacon

bad news

2009-12-31 21:06:57 by XotiK

unfortunately I've reformatted my computer. (you'd think that'd be a good thing but..) My computer will not connect to my modem. It' won't even detect it. I have the drives and everything but ughhhhh.. So right now my top priority is to get that fixed and then I will proceed to upload new songs.


2009-12-21 01:56:36 by XotiK

Currently working on remastering some of my older songs to make an album I've had in mind for a while now.


2009-12-20 00:34:08 by XotiK

I currently have a sample from my latest song trying to be upload but waiting on the confirmations since it will be my first submission.


2009-12-20 00:17:24 by XotiK

I will be uploading music on January 1st 2010.
For now I will only upload samples of complete songs and or loops.
Old account will is X-otiC. Look it up for my old stuff.

Thanks for stopping by. bye bye.