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2011-01-11 08:02:25 by XotiK

If any one wants to collab hit me up with a comment below or message.
I use FL Studio 9


FL Defaults
Ravity (S)
Toxic III
Magnus Choir
and other freebies


2010-11-30 00:46:51 by XotiK

Watch, share with others, and post. Help him out, the more views the greater his chances at the scholarship :D

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Has got to be one of the best albums ever made.


2010-07-07 17:59:46 by XotiK

So I'm moving from Illinois to texas tomorrow afternoon ._.


2010-05-18 23:36:32 by XotiK

I seem to be all for collabs lately. If you'd like to collab just message me xD


2010-05-05 23:25:31 by XotiK

So I've been practicing making strings and pads for the past 2 weeks. I think I've got it down so I'm going to be working on a song with vocals. May be mine or featured. But I the lyrics will be original. listen to my perfect day intro song for it for a peak at what it will be like.

Funky House

2010-04-27 21:01:06 by XotiK

I'm currently working on a funky progressive house song. So far I've gotten good comments, but I'll wait for the finished one for the upload. The song will be my first house upload on Newgrounds..


2010-04-22 20:04:01 by XotiK

Anybody up for a collab? Just message me if you are.

Progressive house

2010-04-11 16:34:53 by XotiK

I've heard quite a few progressive house tracks. Not deadmau5 style. Don't get me wrong his are good too, but I heard some that I've absolutely have fallen in love with. For example "Terminal 6" by Solarity. Damn I wish I could make a progressive house track like that. If you know any songs like this please link me up xP


2010-04-03 13:46:52 by XotiK

I will be uploading less from now on. I'm always looking to get better, so in between each song I'll be trying to learn new techniques and tricks.

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